Art Director (designer, visual artist)
Gary Coutts, Email: gcoutts333@gmail.com, Resume Link

I have been freelancing and traveling for a few months and will be
officially making the move to the LA area come July! I am ready to
begin the job search on the west coast, and connect with a new crowd.

My skill set is based in Graphic Design and Art Direction. 
I have a creative, conceptual mind that excels in problem solving and idea generating. With these skills I am able to concept with my copy partner and
then execute our ideas from start to end. Over the years I have worked with
many notable brands and companies, delivering my own unique perspective
and style to each! On the side: 

Creativity is why I am on this earth. I would love to connect and chat how
I could be a valuable asset to your company! Looking forward to speaking! 

Drop me a note!

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