Working on Huntington was a creative gulp of fresh air. Banks always seem to have boring work.. but it was my mission to change that.  Scroll to see how we put a twist on things. 

Pelotonia is a three day event of cycling, entertainment, and volunteer work. Huntington is and had been one of the leading sponsors to help fight cancer. 
They asked us to create an animation to raise awareness for the brands evolvement in the event.

AD: Gary Coutts   CW: Nate Hafer    ECD: Woody Kay 

This animation was produced to bring awareness to the Huntington Bank Home Mortgage plan.
We were targeting people of Detroit who have lost hope in owning their own home, showing them that with Huntington it's a possibility. 

AD: Gary Coutts   CW: Matt Hames   CD: Gregg Nelson   ECD: Woody Kay

This Poster was created to appreciate the Huntington Bank community. Together we are making the community a better place. 

AD: Gary Coutts  CW: Nate Hafer  ECD: Woody Kay